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Best Playtech Keno Casinos:

The game of Keno is very similar and easily compares to the lotto games that many states and countries run for their residents.

The history of Keno dates back as far as Anchient China and can be found in almost every single casino whether land based or online.

In most land based casinos, keno is played in lounges or rooms dedicated to the game. At some casinos around the world, you can play keno from nearly anywhere in the casino since they have "keno runners" that will collect your tickets and wagers allowing you to play without having to go place your bet at the keno desk or lounge.

The popularity of playing keno can usually be attributed to the fact that players can win very large jackpots for a very small bet.

In most keno games you play by choosing between 4 and 20 numbers (depending on what casino you play at) between 1 to 80. Your bet is based upon the number of "numbers" or "spots" you choose. This means that if you choose 10 numbers you are playing a 1o spot game. In most cases the largest jackpots will usually require you to play and pick all the winning numbers chosen.

Since we are discussing Playtech Keno, let's look at how theirs is played specifically. When playing keno at a Playtech casino you get to choose between 2 and 10 numbers. The betting ranges start as low as $0.25 and go up to $5.

Playtech keno also allows you to select the speed at which you play, and you can also play up to 5 games at once.

Keno is simple game to play because once your numbers are chosen, it isn't long before the numbers are drawn and your winnings are displayed.

Recently another version of keno was released by Playtech called, Keno Xperiment. That version is similar to the original version except that it also has an autopick feature that will help players by randomly picking numbers for them. It also includes the option to be sure to pick new numbers each round.

The payouts are based upon how many numbers or spots you picked, and how many numbers you picked correctly. You might be surprised at how big of a payout you can get if you pick all 10 numbers drawn. We have seen cases where some people have won over $50,000 on a $5 bet, now that's exciting.

Best Playtech Casinos to Play Keno:

This Month's Featured Playtech Keno Casino
William Hill Casino image

William Hill Casino Club

Offering both standard keno as well as Keno Xperiment, William Hill has the experience and reputation to make players feel at home. If you have never played at William Hill, we encourage yo to visit now and they'll even give you up to £150 Free with your first deposit. Visit today and see for yourself why they have become so popular!

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We have provided our recommendations for the Best Playtech Casinos to Play Keno below. We have also included the current welcome bonuses offered at the time of this review.

We have chosen these casinos based upon feedback that our visitors have provided.

Due to each of these online casinos being independantly owned and operated, it is a good idea to be sure to read the terms and conditions of any bonus offers before you start your game play. Each property will often have different rules concerning which games do and do not qualify for bonus wagering requirements.

Casino Name Welcome Bonus Offered Rating
William Hill 150% up to £150 5 Star Rating
21 Nova 320% up to $320 5 Star Rating
Casino King Up to $100 with a 100% Deposit Bonus 5 Star Rating
Omni Casino Up to $100 with a 100% Deposit Bonus 5 Star Rating
Online Casino 100% up to $300 4.5 Star Rating
Fly Online Casino 110% up to $110 4.5 Star Rating
Joyland $25/25€/£10 Free No deposit, 30% up to $300 4.5 Star Rating
Casino Las Vegas Up to $400 Bonus with a 100% on 1st 4 Deposits 4 Star Rating
Noble Casino 100% up to $1000 4 Star Rating
Euro Grand 300% up to $300, High Roller Bonus up to $1000 4 Star Rating